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"Hello and welcome to American Mold Solutions, I'm Sharon Lampley, the owner and I am here to help you. . . If you have mold, mildew, or even just a musty odors in your home, please don't worry it can all be taken care of in a safe manner. AMS utilizes an all natural process called Advanced Oxidization and eliminating mold is a process not just throwing off gassing chemicals at it or ozone machines. We inspect your home, locate the sources of the moisture, and give you a complete report on what's going on in your home and what it will take to eliminate it. Most people think they have a mold problem, really you have a moisture problem, mold is just a byproduct of excessive moisture. So to eliminate the mold we have to eliminate the moisture source then you can easily eliminate the mold. It's so easy to get started simply contact me with a description of your problems and we will help you in a timely professional manner.
Thank you for your interest in American Mold Solutions,"     
Sharon Lampley


  • AMS specializes in mold and moisture situations only. 
  • AMS is available for inspections, proposals, testing, training and consulting. 
  • AMS is locally owned and operated. 
  • AMS was established in May 2004.
  • AMS has certifications in Mold Remediation; Indoor Air Quality; and Advanced Oxidization.
  • AMS is licensed and insured.

 AMS does not use scare tactics that others do in this industry, we feel that is totally unnecessary and there are enough scary stories on the internet.  Mold is a naturally occuring product of nature in our outside environment and we need it.  Mold breaks down dead plant matter such as leaves and limbs, back to dirt.  That is its job; if we did not have it we would have major debris build up.  But our homes are built of dead plant matter....  and that in itself is not the problem, it is if moisture (for longer than 48 hours) gets to the dead plant matter, then mold spores have a chance to attach and start growing.  And what we don't want is mold growing "inside" our homes....

    Our homes have limited cubic feet of air for the spores to mix with and their levels can become elevated. There are many different ways this could occur. Also know that mold does not mean old, unkept, or neglected, it just means you have a moisture situation that has to be figured out and taken care of.  I would say a majority of homes have, have had or will have mold in their lifetime, its just the nature of our homes.  Please read through this web site and hopefully it will answer most of your questions if not contact me.  Thanks again... - 615-599-5994

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