Most Asked Questions:

How do I know I have a Mold Problem?

If you smell a room or an area that is musty, if you actually see microbial growth on anything, or you find a water leak/moisture problem that has been going on for more than 48hours.  Mold is one household issue that you should never procrastinate on because it’s the nature of microbial growth to break down whatever it’s growing on - wood, wall coverings, flooring, windows, cabinets, etc.  And if growing inside your home it can cause health issues.

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Why does every Mold Company have a different method, and which one should I choose?

Some companies recommends Bleach or chemical based, algicides, fungicides as well as a multitude of other chemical based products to “kill” mold. Just killing the mold is not enough, it has to be removed in a safe manner starting with containment so you will not cross contaminate the entire home.Eliminating microbial growth inside your home is a process not just an application; eliminating the moisture source and drying the area; eliminating the growth and damage; cleaning the air to eliminate air born spores that is produced by microbial growth; and a final clean up to remove the dead mold spores that can be carsogenic to immune compromised people. If they do not addess all aspects of eliminating and cleaning you may want to reconsider. 

AMS will outline protocol on your specific situation, only utilizes an all natural solution (no off gassing chemicals) in combination with determining the “cause” (moisture) of the microbial growth. Once the moisture infiltration is corrected we begin to remove anything that is truly damaged with the utmost respect on saving what we can, then we spray our all natural solution. Our Solution doesn’t just clean the surface it penetrates and cleans on a cellular level removing microbial growth within the pores and with no off gassing. And during this process we are continuously cleaning the air with air sanitizers. Lastly we dry out everything preventing further growth.  Beware of companies that want to come and spray a chemical based product time and time again, or just plug in ozone machines and promise thats all you need. Also beware of the "life time warranty"...  whos life time, yours, theirs, the business the homes... Thats just not possible.

You want the mold gone from your home the first time, and in a safe manner, that is why we give a 1 year renewable warranty on our jobs, we come back and check our work and check to make sure no other moisture sources have occured, then renew based on the findings in our inspection report.

Why should I care about “all Natural”?

Our homes already have a higher pollution rating than outside, like off gassing from flooring and paint, even sofa cushions off gas chemicals.  From a risk of asthma to cancer it seems like we are surrounded by caustic chemicals. We have gone out and looked up different products our competitors are using and many have warnings from not letting it touch skin to never breathing the products. When using a chemical based product, special licensing is required by the department of agriculture, this is to eliminate over usage and contaminating the soils and water table. It is a fact that chemicals off gas and long term exposure to humans is UNKNOWN.  American Mold Solution believes in protecting our environment as well as your home and family, with our all natural application, and it works.  What we all decide to put into nature and our homes is everyone’s responsibility, and AMS believes you do not need a chemical based product to kill a natural fungi found everywhere in nature. 

Do I receive a “Free” Inspection?

We do offer free proposals, if your microbial growth has already been located or found by an inspector we will gladly come out and see what it is going to take to eliminate the problem and send you a detailed proposal and price. We do not give free inspections, it is very time consuming to do a complete home inspection.  We used to offer a free inspections, but after several years of doing this we realized that most people go with the lowest price, and we were just donating our time finding the problem, educating everyone and giving our information and prices just to be under cut by the next guy that came in. And no one in this state offers our all natural process, so we were doing all the pleminary work and it was never apples for apples it was just the bottom line.  So now AMS offers an  “Inspection Rebate” we will be glad to come out do all the pleminary work, set protocol so you know what needs to happen for a successful remediation, educate you and answer all questions for a nominal fee.  If you choose AMS we will gladly deduct your initial fees from the proposal total. If you do not choose us we have at least covered our cost for time, gas and knowledge. We also offer different financing packages to help you so you can choose the best plan for your  home and family, not necessarily the least expensive.

What causes most Mold Problems?

Moisture, moisture and moisture is the bad guy always in every situation!  Mold spores can attach and start growing within 48 hours if the moisture is not eliminated within that time frame, then within a week to 10 days it will grow into colonies that can actually be seen by the human eye. 

What causes most Moisture Problems?

It is our experience that Moisture comes from the following:  Leaking plumbing drains as well as water lines and fixtures; Windows and Doors that are not maintained where paint and or caulk is no longer good, or the seals are old/bad; Dishwasher, washing machine and ice maker leaks,  Roof leaks around plumbing vents, fireplaces, bad shingles, bad flashing, etc.;  HVAC units condensation;  Clogged gutters and downspouts that are allowing run off to go back into the crawl space or basement; Landscaping to close to the house covering crawl space vents preventing good air flow under the house; broken shower tiles and grout that is cracked or missing and the list goes on. We highly recommend signing up with American Mold Solution’s “Yearly Home Inspection” we go places you wouldn’t even dream of to make sure “water” isn’t ruining your home.

I don’t have to worry about my House it’s pretty New, right?

Not exactly, most new homes are built well, but I’ve seen windows installed improperly, I’ve seen roof vents installed upside down, I’ve seen plumbing leaks as well as nails driven through drains and water lines.  One big reoccurring issue is the ground settling around the foundation causing water to pond against the foundation slowly seeping into crawl spaces and basements. And with a new home, if there are any plumbing or appliance leaks you may not know for a while until the water surfaces somewhere. Sorry no home is immune, and new homes may be worse because everyone thinks “nothing should go wrong it’s new” so you’re not even looking for issues.  Your home is constructed by humans, and there is a certain amount of human error involved.

AMS encourages everyone to visit they have "A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home" it is great information and AMS follows the EPA mold guidelines, we just utilize our solution, air sanitizers and processes to accomplish what they are stating.
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