The AMS Process

AMS: The Process 

There is so much more to mold remediation than coming in and throwing an off gassing chemical on it or bleach or setting air machines and considering it complete.  That is just not enough.  There is more to mold remediation than just knowing how to apply your chemical in a safe manner... Number one and above all else is eliminate the moisture source and start the drying process. Then there is a minimum of 3 aspects to remediation.  On an inside application; first you have to determine how to work with and try to save the materials and products that have gotten wet and have live active mold growth which usually can be seen.  Secondly there is the air born spores, which are produced by most molds, that you can’t see, that have to be cleaned from the air.  And third dead or dormant spores may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold, it must also be removed. 

Also, AMS prices each job based on its own merit, so we have to see whats going on to be able to correct it properly and then we price it accordingly.  No two leaks are the same, water takes the point of least resistance and different products are affected, different time frames have occurred.  So at this time AMS has been unable to come up with a rule of thumb or flat rate that is fair to everyone.  No ballparks... we have to see it.  I am going to say do not worry about the price because, it has to be done and it will only get more expensive the longer you wait, that is why AMS offers payment options and financing if necessary to help you be able to move on past this delima.

American Mold Solutions is proud to offer the Advanced Oxidization process utilizing RCI technology which is an all natural remediation process.  AMS never uses bleach or harmful, off gassing chemicals where the long term effects on humans is unknown.  AMS addresses all 3 aspects of mold in the home; 1) liquid oxidizer for the live growing mold, 2) RCI, Radiant Catalectic Ionization to eliminate the air born mold spores and sanitize the air, and 3) wipe the hard surfaces with an all natural cleaner and HEPA vacuum soft surfaces to remove the dead mold spores after the process is complete. (Dead mold spores do not apply in a crawl spaces, garages or attics).  AMS is beginning its 9th year in business, and very proud of our final test results and 8 years of proving this process. 

The reason Garages, Attics and Crawl Spaces are handled differently is because they are considered outside spaces.  Attics and crawl spaces have ventilation to allow the outside air to flow through them to remove heat and humidity.  And garages, once you open the door all the outside air floods into the space.  These areas are usually not conditioned and not considered living spaces. 

AMS: The Reason

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "how does a woman end up in this industry?" and that is a long story.  To make it as short as possible, it seems that everything I have done in life has led up to this.  As a young girl I did not dream to grow up and remediate mold.  Actually, I give my dad full credit... I am 1 of 7 and 6 of us are girls, we were raised on a big farm and being a girl did not exempt you from all the farm chores that had to be done; year round.  But he made us very responsible, strong and not afraid to live outside the girl box.  So early on I was a bookkeeper for a General Contractor and Masonry Contractor.  Then spent a little over 5 years with Lee Co. (formerly Lee Refrigeration) learning all aspects of Refrigeration and HVAC; duct work, air flow, sizing and service and assisted in establishing their Residential Division.  Then I went with Atmos Gas (formerly United Cities Gas) as their Builder/Developer representative in the City of Franklin, TN.  I made sure natural gas was installed in all new subdivisions and then to each home, including monitoring the building process and scheduling installation work orders as well as assisting builders, HVAC contractors and developers in the advantages energy efficiencies and the codes on gas appliance applications.  During the time at United Cities I was able to obtain my Business Management Certification from Columbia State Community College, attending night school.  Then I had the great fortune to meet Sandy Ray, Owner of Premiere Design Build.  I started working with Sandy and took the field as Project Manager.  We spent several years together building absolutely fabulous high end custom homes.  I scheduled and worked with every line item and each aspect of the home until the finished product was ready to close.  I also obtained my Tennessee Real Estate License during this time to help locate lots for the clients.  When construction started slowing I went into Residential Realestate and have now had my license for 18 years.  It was shortly thereafter when the "mold" seem to come from every direction... My broker sent over a mold disclosure form that all realtors must have the clients sign in every transaction.  I closed a new home as a buyers rep with a friend of mine and there was a 5 page mold disclosure on behalf of the builder included in all the closing paperwork.  Sandy Ray called me and her new home had mold from a powder room leak, and she was wondering if I knew anything about mold.....  And here I am.  I felt strongly that the mold industry was being blown way out of proportion, all the disclosures where no one wants to take responsibility; insurance companies refusing to take care of the mold portion of a water damage claim when if it wasn't for the water you wouldn't have mold?; people boarding up homes and walking away... OMG...  Now from all of this came American Mold Solutions.  I was determined to find a way to help in all aspects.  I found a wonderful all natural application and took the classes from Alton Holt whom had been utilizing this process in Texas for 12 years at the time.  Then I met Alton and his crew in Baton Rouge, LA and saw how the process was preformed, on a builders home, that had been plagued with mold off and on for 6 years and remediated without success twice before. (the builder was told to tear it down and start over... and his 2 children were very sick)  Everything Alton and his crew were doing just made sense, the set up the applications the final cleaning...  Alton Holt with Air Pro Environmental saved that fabulous home, and everything in it and as far as I am concerned, even the children....  So I could not get back here fast enough to establish AMS, and have never regretted all the hours, the upfront education and financing effort it took to put all of this together and get it up and running.  Now in May 2013 I will be starting my 9th year in business and have great plans to grow the company and be the best in the industry.  And wouldn't you know it, I still do not fit in any of the other chemical based remediators box and I am so glad; Thank you Clyde Lampley and I miss you every day. 
Sharon Lampley, Owner
American Mold Solutions



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